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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Warts and all

There are many parent blogs that have "day in the life" memes. Once a week or month, the author shares a written snapshot of their day. Some bloggers appear to live Martha Stewart/Pinterest lives, while others offer up chaotic days. I'd like to think that my ramblings are a blend of the two;  my family is not perfect, but it's not a helter-skelter household either. 

To be honest, it's the "perfect" blogs that get me down. Posts that show homes decorated meticulously for the season and moms with gaggles of kids who crank out the knit goods - they seem too good to be true. Perhaps they are - maybe they have life figured out. Maybe they have something to prove. Maybe their lives are as crazy as mine and they hide behind a facade. 

I'm a "warts and all" person. While some things aren't public domain, I have nothing to hide. Over the years I've written about things many might find uncomfortable - my miscarriages, my twins pregnancy, my chronic health issues, my questions about faith. I write to get stuff out of my system - a mental purge if you will. It's daunting putting my thoughts out there, but I often feel better becos of it. 

I'm thinking about publishing a series of post about midlife on my blog. I turned 40 this year, and as I explained to hubby, it feels like a switch clicked in my mind about life. Things that used to be a Big Deal aren't anymore, while new, different things are worming their way into my conscience. Doubtful anyone cares about the way a middle aged lady thinks anymore, but there it is.