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Friday, August 27, 2010

WIPs - many or a few?

i have a lot of WIPs on the needles (or rather cables, since i snitch the needles to work on other projects).  this is evident by the baker's dozen featured on the side of my blog.  some projects, like baby's got blue jeans, is a recent project.  i abandoned it so i could work on fair knitting.  now that i'm finished with that i should continue.  i'm knitting them in size 18 months, and if i don't finish them soon the kiddos will have outgrown them.

my ubatuba sweater is my oldest WIP.  i started it 4 years ago and have a dozen inches of knitting for the torso.  i think i'm too chicken to cast on the sleeves (it's knit in the round).  maybe this will be the year i finally finish the damn thing.  i really should finish the sweater, as i'll be up the creek if i run out of yarn, and have to buy from another dye lot (or worse, the yarn gets discontinued!)  i can't frog the sweater.  it's boucle, which is a bitch to rip out.

i usually have a pair of socks on the needles.  socks are great to tote in my purse if i have some idle time (!!!).  i started a yoga shawl that i can't wait to finish but it's slow going.  i also started a belinda shawl.  and i won't even go there with my swirl shawl.  oh well.  there's my fair knitting for next year!

there's petunia's sock hippo which i haven't cast on yet, and i'll bet it wouldn't take me long to complete, if it's as easy as freddie's sock monkey.  and then there's my quilted afghan.  i started a block but like the jeans, i stopped so i could concentrate on fair knitting.

maybe if i can get my head into game, maybe i'll get dad's antlers scarf finished in time for christmas.

what kind of WIPs do you have?  do you have a lot, or only a few?

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