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Saturday, August 28, 2010

does this mean i'm an award-winning knitter?

i won some awards at the northumberland county fair!


my waves poppin blanket came in second place.  i figured it would.  the other blanket, which won first place, was a patch blanket - it was gorgeous, in shades of brown, with pictures of horses on them.  it was a tight knit, rough feeling - i'm surmising it was red heart yarn.  but i think they judge on technique and not on yarn quality, so the best blanket really did win.


petunia's sophia cape, the clapotis and the jaywalkers took top honors.  the cape and shawl were the only ones that competed in their category, and the socks that took second place were knit plainly, in a self striping yarn.  in fact, i think i had that yarn and passed it on at KDO a couple years ago.


sock monkey hat took first place in hats.  i don't remember seeing any other ones there.  i think i'm going to knit another hat to exhibit at bloom fair, since this one goes to KDO.

here's a good overview of the projects that showed:


there was another knitter who took several top prizes - the same one who won for the blanket.  she also knit different styles of baby sweaters, mittens, a cap, and other blankets.  beautiful work.  i guess i have my work cut out for me to top that!

i'm already planning my knitting for next year!  i have some ideas for a dishcloth, mittens, another hat, a shawl, and socks!

i wonder if this means i'm an award winning knitter?  hubby teased me and said that i was the best knitter in the county!  well, not the best.  but i was the best for what showed!

the kids enjoyed the fair too.


the boy enjoyed the tractors.


the kiddos enjoyed their first fair too.  they got to see horses, cows, piglets, alpaca (!!!) and rabbits.  in a month, they'll get to go to the big fair, where they'll get their first hewlett's sausage, haluski, and orangeade.

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