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Monday, September 13, 2010

book review - skein of the crime

maggie sefton is one of my favorite knit lit writers.  the heroine in her mystery series is kelly flynn, a 30 something CPA who relocated to her hometown after the murder of her aunt.  kelly has a knack for sleuthing and not only discovers who murdered her aunt, but also solves other crimes as well.  Kelly juggles her career, the small fortune that fell into her lap following the death of her aunt's cousin, a love life, and her friends at the house of lambspun, the yarn shop across the street from her house.  kelly must live in heaven, to have a sumptuous yarn shop so close by!

sefton's recent writing, skein of the crime, starts with kelly finding an intruder in her back yard.  frightened by the girl who does not communicate with her, kelly calls the cops, only to find out that the girl is whacked out on drugs and taken to the hospital.  the girl, holly, is an acquaintance of mimi, owner of house of lambspun, as the girlfriend of a shop's patron's son.  several weeks later, holly seems to be on a straight path, staying away from drugs and alcohol, only to be found one morning near kelly's home again, on the river path, dead.

the cause of death was overdose.  however kelly has a nagging feeling that holly just didn't OD.  with the aid of holly's classmate, she is introduced to the party scene of the college town.  she also talks to acquaintances, the boyfriend's mom, and roommate, and discovers that the "dirt" she is being fed by the classmate is often conflicting, which leads kelly to holly's killer.

this mystery seemed easy to solve midway through the book.  i had 3 suspects in mind, and i'm proud to say that i guessed the right one!  i won't say who it is...that's for you to discover!

this book takes into account the recent economic downturn.  kelly's boyfriend, steve, is struggling financially as his architectural dreams slowly crumble due to foreclosure and he takes on extra work to stay above water.  kelly, whose oil drilling on her aunt's land is picking up, offers financial support to steve.  other friends offer financial assistance as well.  steve, weary and frustrated, refuses help.  the economic twist plus some relationship gaffes on kelly's part put a strain on the couple's relationship.

megan and marty, two of kelly's friends, become engaged in the book, and their wedding plans add another story line to the plot.  i enjoyed this storyline, and it added a much bounce to an otherwise somber novel.

the book ends with a bit of a shocker, which i hope is resolved in the next book (pretty please?  another book please!)

i love sefton's books, and i always marvel how a character can become involved in so many murders!  kelly shouldn't be a CPA but a detective!  she's a bit like brenda leigh johnson from the closer, innocently digging for dirt but always talks the suspect into confessing!

this book includes a pattern for a braided knit scarf, which sounds very interesting and simple to knit, but knitting 60"X3 of garter stitch would be much like a lobotomy!  the book's recipe is for a killer carrot cake which sounds yummy.  i love when sefton describes food in her books.  they always make me hungry!

i liked skein of the crime.  i give it 5 out of *****

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