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Sunday, September 12, 2010

super secret giftie for grandparents day

i created a super secret giftie for the grandparents for grandparents day.  in the process, i cried.  not cos i was frustrated or angry but bittersweet.  better yet, i made hubby and the boy cry too.  and if what i made could make them cry, then i did a good job!

other years i made the grandparents photobooks from iPhoto.  they are a bit pricy but so cool, and it's nice to create it through iPhoto, and in a couple days it arrives at your door.  i make calendars for Xmas presents through iPhoto too.  they have a couple of drawbacks - can't always add captions or change the positioning of the photos, but for me it's easy and convenient.  i'd rather create the calendar at home on my laptop than fight the crowds at walmart photo.

grandparents day snuck up on me this year.  i hate when that happens.

i pulled yarns and planned my sock projects for the next 6 months.  i can't guarantee that they will be completed in that time, but i have the yarn, i can look at it and devise a pattern around it.  amazingly enough, i thought i had tons of sock yarn stash, but it turns out i have a rather modest pile.

i also destashed yarn for KDO.  they have a table where you can drop off yarn, needles, patterns, whatever you no longer want.  you can also take something from the stash.  i've never found anything i liked becos either no one brings anything of quality (usually what's left are single needles or ratty patterns) or (and this is really bad) some people sweep in and take the whole lot.  as one raveler explained in the KDO group, it takes away from the spirit of the table, when people do that, but there's no use in letting a bad apple spoil a good time.  so i found yarn that i'd gotten at ollie's for baby blankets, and i'm toying with dropping off some books as well.  it's acrylic, and you know my feelings on acrylic, so it's going bye bye.


  1. Ugh, acrylic? I think I have an allergy to it. Doesn't everyone?

    Wait, what was the gift? Did I miss something?

  2. nope, didn't miss it. i made a video photo montage of the kids' pictures set to music. i'm toying with putting it up on a post but unsure how to do it. my folks and grandmother saw it yesterday and it did bring tears, including my own, and i created it! :) it was the music that helps with the water works!


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