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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

martha martha martha. and alexis, jennifer and lucinda.

dear martha.

i'm so happy for your move to the hallmark channel.  i looked forward to your new season all summer.  now that you're here, i'm not sure i'm feeling it anymore.

i realize it's midweek and you're not quite up to speed for the season, but i have not been impressed by your shows so far.  i liked your segment about mario batali's eataly, and it made me want to visit the store.  but the rest of your guests, your cooking segments - meh.

please have a craft segment soon.  i like cooking, but it has to be simple for me right now.  i like fashion, but right now i really don't care what donna karan has designed this season.  and i just don't care what cool bar you go to for your date night segment.

maybe it's a new format becos of hallmark channel.  maybe you're evolving becos you've been on for 5 years now.  but right now, i fast forward through your show, and that's just not cool.

i stuck by you through your debacle during the last decade, and i'm not ready to give up on you yet!  you just haven't hit your stride (i'm guessing, anyway).  can't wait to see what lies ahead this year!


a martha fan

dear alexis and jennifer,

i adore your show whatever, martha!  i get a big kick out of the two of you taking the piss out of martha's old episodes.  i even got hubby hooked onto your show and it was a great way to rewind after a crazy  busy day.

when i heard that you were going to have your own talk show, i was elated.  i've never heard your radio show, but i hoped the tv show would be similar to your radio one.

it's day 3 of your new show, and this is how i feel about your show:  meh.

jennifer, i absolutely adore you.  you remind me a bit of myself - the chubby, self deprecating crackup who loves her family and life.  i related to you on W,M! and you bring fun to the show.

alexis, you are a big bitch.  but that's why i love you.  you get away with saying and doing stuff that i can only dream of.

that said, your show feels a bit blah.  maybe it's your guests.  maybe it's becos i'm accustomed to your acerbic wit on W,M!  maybe it's becos you're on wholesome channel hallmark channel and they are reining you in.  i realize that you can't talk about certain sexual things the topics you cover from your radio show.  but your new show has a"safe" feel, and i think i was thinking it would be edgier. i guess i was expecting an hour long whatever, martha!

ah, it's only the first week.  i'm sure you'll get better with time.  and i'll keep watching.

look at it this way - you're way better than the myopic bitches ladies on the view.

oh, and i can't wait for the 3rd season of W,M!


a fan

dear lucinda,

i enjoyed your segments on everyday foods.  now that i have 3 children of my own and have to learn to cook for a crowd, i can relate too!  so i was tickled to learn that you had a new show on hallmark channel called mad hungry.

your show is the first of the new shows this season that i didn't fast forward through!  you chose simple timely recipes that i can totally see myself cooking in my own kitchen.  the ingredients are simple, the cooking methods are uncomplicated, and the meals can be cooked in a reasonable amount of time.  in addition, the portion sizes are perfect - between hubby and myself, and the 2 mini human vacuum cleaners, the food won't go to waste either!

i loved your spatchcocked chicken recipe from yesterday so much that i'm making it tomorrow for supps.

good luck with your new show.  you're off to a great start.


a new fan

dear everyday food chefs,

thank you for rerunning the older shows.  i forgot how entertaining and educational they were.  and they give me great meal ideas.


a foodie fan

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