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Friday, October 15, 2010

i'm a lush

i love lush.  good thing we don't live near one.  i'd spend as much time there as i do at LYS.

my favorite fizzy bombs:

waving not drowning
big blue (messy tho)
sex bomb
ikle baby baff (i think this got discontinued, unfortunately).
tisty tosty (messy too)
twilight (a new fave)

my favorite bubble bars:

blue skies with fluffy white clouds
french kiss
cream candy bubble bar

i love bubble bars.  they last and last and last...and tons of bubbles.  a good way to get more bang for your buck!

my favorite shampoos:

i love juicy
antiphilthon (i thought this was discontinued!  it's on their website yet!!!  my absolute favorite!!)

i've tried but didn't care for:

shower jellies.  they feel really cool and jiggly, but i didn't understand how to use them.  it was like smearing jello over your skin.

angels on bare skin cleanser.  it smelled wonderful but i didn't understand how to use it.  get it wet?  use it dry?

it started with a kiss lipbalm.  i didn't know it had cinnamon in it.  i hate cinnamon.

i realize people probably think it's a waste of money to spend $5 on a fizzy ball that literally will go down the drain.  but i love the scents, they feel good in the water too, and it makes me feel quite pampered and happy.  and isn't a happy mommy what's important?

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