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Saturday, November 20, 2010

women's fashion magazines piss me off

one of my parenting magazines went defunct a while back, and instead of refunding my money, it transferred me to allure to finish off the subscription.

many moons ago, when i was a fashionista and not yet a SAHM, i used to get this magazine and devour it every month.  i loved the make up and hair tips and reading about the celebrity of the month.  after i had the boy, i became less interested in fashion and makeup, and i let the subscription run out.  at that point the fashions pissed me off (who could afford a $500 pair of shoes?), the "forced weight loss" section annoyed the hell out of me (a couple of women would take the weight loss challenge and lose weight by eating rabbit food and exercising for hours on end - they never gave updates a year after they weren't featured in the magazine anymore!)

i can't wait for this subscription to end.  i could scream when it slips through the mail slot.  the clothes are ugly and expensive.  i can't afford the makeup they recommend.  i don't even know half of the celebrities they feature - they are mostly vapid, bitchy twits.  i.  can.  not.  relate.  to.  this.  world.  anymore.

the last issue had a dress that cost $9000.  it was this ugly grey tattered thing.  all i could think was, for the price of that dress i could pay for braces for all of my kids. when i see a pair of shoes that cost $1000, i think, that pair of shoes equals 2 mortgage payments.  i wonder how many people look at the price of something and calculate what they could buy instead?  i'm sure i'm not the only one who does this.

allure is probably the only magazine that i read under an hour, and it promptly gets pitched into the recycling basket.

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  1. You are SO not the only one to do that! We do that from the small stuff to the big stuff - $40 for a pedicure is instead a mega box of Pampers diapers for example. Something that is $1600 is the mortgage, taxes, and car payments for two vehicles for a month.
    It is TOTALLY different once you have kiddos!!


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