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Saturday, November 27, 2010


since the kiddos are more mobile this year, i pared down my christmas decorations.

our biggest obstacle would be the tree.  i knew the kiddos would probably want to play with it, so we moved the tree from next to the steps to the front window.  no glass orbs this year, no vintage ornaments, only my snoopy ornaments and some personalized ones for the kids.  we put part of the safety fencing around it.

at first, we toyed with not putting the tree up at all.  we thought about putting up MM's ceramic tree on the buffet, but that seemed so sad.  i was really looking forward to taking the kids' pictures in front of our tree.  plus, i wanted to show off my blue ribbon tree skirt, albeit it behind a plastic fence.  so we decided to put up the tree and forgo the breakables.  our tree looks woefully spartan, but the lights are colorful, so that helps.

the boy gets to put the angel on top every year.  this year he had to have some help from daddy to do it.

truly a charlie brown tree this year.

freddie was the first to discover the tree and show interest in it.

petunia was more interested in her hair brush and mr. bean bobble head doll than she was in the tree.

the kiddos now have christmas stockings!  here's petunia's:

knit with brown sheep spun worsted in bouganvillea, plymouth galway colornep in sage tweed and patons wool merino in winter white, petunia's stocking is fresh and girly.

look ma!  no jogs!

freddie bean's stocking:

knit with patons wool merino in bright red and winter white, and i think the green tweed is a chunky plymouth.  both stocking patterns came from knit simple's knitting workshops.  pattern is pretty simple.  always wanted to knit socks but the tiny DPNs scare you?  try knitting a stocking - same principle, only on a larger scale.

the boy has a crocheted christmas stocking, that a lady from my church made when he was a baby.  she doesn't knit or crochet much anymore, which is why i thought i'd better knit the kiddos stockings.

the only other decorations i put up were wreaths on the doors, a plastic snow man head on the lamppost outside, icicle lights around the front porch roof, electric candles in the windows and my christmas candles.

the boy, wearing frosty's hat.  here he is, actually in the hat:

i love vintage christmas candles.  i got these at vermont country store over the past few years.

these candles remind me of the ones we had sitting in the middle of our tables in kindergarten.  now those candles were the old ones.  i do keep my eye out for the vintage ones at flea markets and antique stores, but no doubt many of them didn't survive over the years.

a new decoration for this year is the candy cane and the ribbon candy.  it's from hammonds candies - supposedly they make the best candy canes in the world.  i'm not a big fan of hard candy, but i thought the ribbon candy would look so pretty in a dish.  i also have other candy canes from purity candy that i decorate with but i have no clue where i hoarded them.

i love decorating for the christmas holidays, although it can be time consuming and a pain.  paring down this year made it sinfully easy.  putting away the decorations after the holidays will be a snap too!

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