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Thursday, November 18, 2010

i can't sleep

What do you do to make yourself fall asleep at night?

after we put the kids to bed (around 8, earlier for the kiddos), hubby and i try to wind down for the evening.  

some evenings both of our noses are stuck in our macbooks.  i do find that the light from my laptop and even my iphone mess with my circadian rhythm, so i try not to do it much.

often you will find me curled up on the love seat, either knitting away or reading.  we watch tv, usually stuff i DVR.  

some nights, when the clutter gets to me, i start cleaning.  it's tough to clean when the kiddos are up and getting into things.  

evenings are more fun now that the kids aren't up and crying for milk or messy diapers.

i really have to watch my intake of caffeine during the day.  if i drink too much soda, i can't sleep.

sometimes when i can't sleep, i do yoga breathing and scanning to fall asleep.  usually it works.

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