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Friday, November 19, 2010


i tidied up the crafting room/boy cave this morning.  thought it was probably time to flash some stash.

i don't believe i got a shot of the shelves hubby got (originally for the boy) but i liked the cubbies for my yarn.  the packages are pretty much recent acquisitions.

would you believe i have a small fabric stash?  the pile of fleece are for no sew blankeys for the kiddos.  those are 2 cloth napkins i bought at fly creek last spring when we vacay'd in cooperstown.  i thought the patterns might be pretty if used for a lining for a bag or something.  i also found a package of peanuts material (are these fat quarters?) that i got at ben franklin.  they were in the step basket, so i got them 2 years ago or more.  i don't sew.  it's my fervent wish at this point.

oh geez.  this is the bad juju yarn.  i have tried to knit a pair of socks for my grandmother with this yarn.  magic loop, toe up, cuff down, dpns, no matter what i tried, i just couldn't knit them.  i love the yarn.  it's a beautiful teal blue colorwave.  but for some insane reason, i find myself repelled by them.  i haven't given up on them.  maybe someday the spell will be broken and i can finally knit something with it.

patons sock yarn from michaels.  recent buy during the summer.

i planned to knit socks for the kiddos with this yarn.  i got it at Glenda's over the summer.

i have no clue what this yarn is.  guess i'll have to do some sleuthing on this one.

i can't remember if i got this at kutztown (more likely) or christkindl market last december.

boy, i'm behind on posting my yarns, aren't i?

this is all my sock stash.  i have a couple odd balls in the living room, but most of it lives here.

i store the better yarn in the folding bag.  i pray the lavender rice pillow keeps the buggies away.

this is my older stash that i keep in the hamper.  i need to start stash diving.  i have way too much.

the cream/yellows and brown/blacks plus odd balls.  these hover on top since i don't have much in these colors.

my greens and light blues

pink/reds and oranges/salmons

the purples and blues.  can you guess what my favorite color is?

the tweeds and varigateds are in the living room in picnic baskets.  my luxury yarns (the quiviut and 2 skeins of jaggerspun zephyr) also live there as well.  maybe someday i'll take their pictures too.

yeah.  i don't need any more yarn.  i have SABLE and then some.

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