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Thursday, December 16, 2010

switchin' up the PSOTMC

what's this!?

at the beginning of the year the Yarn Harlot put together her own little personal sock of the month club.  she picked 12 skeins of sock yarn, chose a pattern for each skein, and put them in baggies.  each month she picked a baggie of her shelf and worked that sock for the month.  some months she was ahead of schedule and finished the sock early, some months she finished by the skin of her teeth.  all told, she had 12 pairs of socks, some she kept, some she gifted.

i started my own PSOTMC in september.  i didn't fare out as well as stephanie.  i completed my september and december socks lickety split, but completed only one sock a piece for october and november.  i had more skeins pulled up through may.

i joined this group on ravelry, mostly for accountability.  some knitters are being purists and picked yarn with matching patterns and bagged them for surprise.  some are doing a pair a month, others are doing 6 pairs (basically a pair every 2 months).  one person even bagged her yarn in paper lunch sacks, completely concealing her contents.

i thought about how everyone was being serendipitous about their yarn, that i decided to pick my year's worth of yarn, bag them and shelve them.  i didn't pick patterns tho.  i decided i'd find a pattern either through ravelry or at least knit a plain old sock.

12 socks in a year!  think i can do it?

a skein per bag.  i added a sticky note with the name of the yarn to the bag, so i didn't have to go digging through my stash bibles.

after i stapled the bags shut, i tossed them a few feet away, so i didn't know which skeins landed where.

i crammed the bags in a cubby.   the only bag marked is for february - the other bags are totally up for grabs, so i can be surprised.

starting in january, game on!

ETA:  all photos were taken with my new hipstamatic app.  yeah, i actually bought an app instead of sponging off hubby's app stash.


  1. I think it's a great idea! Good luck! I'm curious, though, what's special about February? :)

  2. nothing, except i picked a red yarn to use for the month. :)


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