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Thursday, December 16, 2010

time to make the stitch markers...

i competed several sets of stitch markers for swisher's yarn basket.  all i have to do is make up the packaging and figure out how i'm gonna deliver the goods to the store, since the next couple of days are tied up.  hopefully i can get them delivered by saturday afternoon.  i'd like to have them there for people to pick up for christmas stocking stuffers, or for lucky knitters who got gift certs for christmas.

i have three sets a piece of HAPL healing garden in silver or gold.  i even made a set with earring hooks, for a crocheter or someone who likes locking markers.  i have two sets of peaceful.  i have seven sets of pixiepearls, in both large or small beads.  i have two sets of my newest marker PSU, and a set of markers made with blue/green stones that i'm toying with calling "heaven and earth".  i also have two sets of markers made with this pretty dark blue sparkly stone - i bought them originally to replace the dotty disk in HAPL, but managed to find the disks on artbeads, so it's a smaller marker set.  i'm thinking of calling these sets "starry skies" becos that's what the bead reminds me of.

of course i made myself some markers too.  these were some new rainbow beads, plus the sparkly dark bead.

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