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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

baby stash

over the years, i've acquired baby stash.  i'd see a skein of yarn and imagine knitting a sweater or blanket or booties for my baby with it, buy a couple skeins then squirrel it away until the time was right.

over the past 3 years, this yarn sat mostly untouched.  i tried to knit a sampler square blanket with one yarn, only to abandon it out of boredom.  i found the perfect apricot dale of norway at rosie's during one trip to philly and was lucky to find a few more skeins on a return trip months later.  i found the perfect layette - a tiny sack in a delicate shell pattern - and tried to knit it with bella dk in a sweet baby blue before frogging it out of frustration.

do you think yarn has a destination?  i think so.  i tried to knit with these yarns for petunia and freddie, but i just couldn't do it.  i could sell or trade it, but it's my baby's yarn.  nutters, right?

i think i found a perfect home for the yarn.  my favorite cousin is pregnant, due in late may/early june, and found out recently she is having a boy.  for the past few months i've been thinking about what to knit her, and now i'm excited to dig into this stash.  i'm ready to create.

this is sirdar domino dk that i've picked up at swisher's and glory-ous knits.  i tried to make a sampler square blanket a few years ago and this is what got frogged.  i'm thinking of combining it with knitting fever marshmallows

to make a poppin blanket.  i also have this bernat ping pong to add some sparkle:

so much to decide!

then there's this sirdar snuggly tiny tots.  i bought it in burgundy/pink when we were TTC, then bought this colorwave when it was on clearance at swisher's.  i tried to knit a BSJ with it, but lost track of the increases and gave up.

i'm noticing a pattern here.

perhaps that's why my own kiddos don't have a large homemade knit stash.  oh well.

on a positive note, on saturday i finally got the kiddos' outgrown clothes sorted, boxed and ready to either store, sell or share:

it's far from perfect.  i'm quickly learning that twice/thrice the number of kids = twice/thrice the number of outgrown clothes/toys/gear.  at least i have an outlet for the boys' outgrown things now.  :)

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