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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

icy snow day

school and work canceled on account of snow/ice/slush/general winter unpleasantness.

it's tuesday and garbage day, so the kids had some entertainment:

the "dumpsty" man is a long held tradition.  started by myself when i was the kiddos' age, mom said i used to entertain myself by watching the garbage men and truck in civil war burg.  mom used to get a kick out of how excited i'd get, considering how "homely" - i'm being kind here as mom used another PC word to describe them - the dumpsty men were.  then when we lived in mcclure, i loved wednesdays becos the dumpsty man came then, and i'd rush to the front window to watch him.

i passed this tradition on to the boy, who also got equally excited when the street cleaner drove by on mondays (for the other side of the street) and tuesdays (for our side).  and now the kiddos watch out for the dumpsty man (and actually cry if the door isn't open and they miss him).  even the boy enjoyed seeing him today.  gotta love this entertainment.

petunia also learned a new skill this weekend - she learned to climb onto the hassock.

it's cold and dreary out, and i'm in the mood to bake something.  i dug through my "puree" cookbooks looking for something cozy to bake but i'm missing ingredients.  perhaps i can find a mix, and the boy and i can whip something up.  i'm also going to dig through the freezers and see what i can come up with.  why does it seem to storm right before payday/grocery day?  so much for planning ahead!

i've also done a bit of blogging today.  feels good.

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