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Thursday, January 13, 2011

froggy ribbits and swatches

i frogged some things.

this yarn:

came from this hat:


the picture makes the hat look better than it was.  really, the hat sat on my head like a big soggy ribbed pancake.  as i ripped it out, i discovered it was knit flat then seamed up the back.  no wonder it sucked!  anyway, i reclaimed the yarn, and i'll knit another hat with it.  the yarn is steam valley fiber farms with silk/merino, and it is too luscious to waste.

baby don't got blue jeans:

this was going to be a pair of knit blue jeans for the kiddos.  i started it last year but got to an increase (or was it decrease?) and lost my train of thought with it (3 kids will do that to you).  i've been thinking of it lately and i couldn't remember what size i was knitting it for (18 months or 2T?) and even what needle i used (as i had nipped the needles to use for another project).

i'll try this again, maybe later this year, when i have more control of my mind.  right now i have monkey mind, and i have trouble keeping track of a simple pattern, let alone one that will need attention.

a rarity for me - a swatch!

guess what this is going to be?

i'm up for my next challenge.  wish me luck!

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