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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


i inadvertently joined another KAL.  i joined NaKniMitMo.  that means National Knitting Mittens Month. i wanted to knit on my kick-ass red mitties, so what better way to get some accountability and show them off when i complete them.

the KAL has an official mitten pattern by spillyjane, but i decided to make my basic mitten pattern with a duplicate stitch pattern on the back of it.

knit with queensland collection leche in red and mint, the yarn is a soft yummy dream.


mittie #1, in really bad light.

mittie #1 with the duplicate stitch, plus the wrist of #2.  i wish i took a close up of the duplicate stitch - some days my own actions escape explanation!  i'll get a close up, i promise!

i'm trying to think up a clever name for my mitties other than kick ass red mittens, but the name really does suit.

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