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Saturday, January 1, 2011

taggy new year from the knotty knitster

i'm being a little knotty (that's some norry humor) for the new year.

i got the inspiration from this book.

here's more:

just a reminder to luv yr mum.

an excellent usage of leftovers.  and fun fur.  unfortunately, my embroidery skills are lacking.

tag!  you're it!
(all apologies that the pictures are really fuzzy.)

just doing my part to brighten up the neighborhood.

shhhhh.  you won't tell, will you?  ;)

thank you for visiting my humble corner of the universe in '10.  here's to a bright '11!

1 comment:

  1. I fear this would confirm my diagnosis of insanity in "there here parts." I take out my knitting needles, and people look at me funny.
    Oh, knitting will hit Western Snyder County, but not until much later.
    And then we will be the ones laughing!


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