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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

wife, mother, monkey surgeon

petunia's lovey is a jellycat monkey i ordered to match the original toy i bought in philly 3 years ago before we TTC.  she carries "gakgak" everywhere, usually tucked under her right arm so her left hand is free.  when she's tired, she rests her cheek on gakgak's head and sucks her thumb.

yesterday i noticed gakgak had something on his eye.  thinking it was food, i ignored it.  this morning at breakfast i saw the same bit of white near his eye.  i thought it was waffle, but when i went to pick it off, discovered that she'd bitten through the material around the eye, and the "unbreakable" button eye was now hanging by a thread.  scared that's she'd bite through and swallow the eye, i confiscated gakgak and put him away, so i could plan my strategy on saving his eye.

i put the kiddos to nap early, took a nap myself, then got down to business.

he looks normal here, right?  don't be deceived...

if his left eye offends, pluck it out...but not quite...

i decided to put a patch over the eye, so that when she's bigger and no longer chewing or biting on things, i can remove the patch and he'll look as normal as possible.

i cut a small square piece from leftover blanket material and trimmed it to a circle-ish shape.  then i stitched the patch over the eye.  it's a good thing i've had practice performing medical procedures on little monkeys.  the patchectomy took about 15 minutes, and gakgak was resting comfortably:

and with his owner mere minutes later:

now, if only i could have saved this:

petunia likes to put her bottles on the coasters (she's a quick learner, this one), but this one met it's maker with the hardwood floor.  there's no saving this one - he went straight to the morgue (aka the garbage can).

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