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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

18 months

it goes by way too fast.

petunia in her basket.  boy does she wail if freddie takes it from her.

i trimmed freddie's hair again (his bangs were long and his back was uneven).  i didn't do a good job.

courtesy of my daughter the beaver.

not to be outdone, freddie pried off both teething rails.  you should see the first one.  he chewed the damn thing into a pretzel during a nap.

needless to say, the kiddos are getting tested for lead at their appointments this month.  the boy never did this stuff.  astonishing.

a brief moment of peace on the hassock.  normally petunia is shoving freddie off and screaming bloody murder.

i had this sad thought last week - next year they'll be going to preschool.  it does not seem possible.  

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