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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

PSOTMC for february - it's a start

after seeing the new socks flourishing in ravelry's SISC group, i started my own february socks:

this is jitterbug in tapis - the red is practically neon!  hot red and chocolate - i'm thinking chocolate covered strawberries, cherry cordials...yummers.  the pattern is sweetheart socks from simply knitting.  it has a lace pattern for the heart, which felt a bit intimidating.  so far from the truth - following the pattern was pretty easy.  it helps when you're knitting in the round.  :)

i'm nearly finished with the leg of sock #1.  i just started it last night, and i can't believe what a fast knit it is.

oh, and i didn't pick red sock needles becos of valentine's day.  they just happened to be size 2s.  :)

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  1. Love these socks! I knew you could knit this pattern. I love patterns that hard, but really are simple to knit. They always make me feel smart! :)


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