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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

oh baby

little boy blue is finished!

i completed my baby sweater friday night.  the sweater took 3 balls of KP DK Swish.  i cut it really close tho:

i ran out of yarn as i was binding off.  i had a bit of yarn left from when i had to started a new ball earlier in the the sweater, and i had just enough to finish the bind off:

maybe 4 or 5 inches left?  that's a close call.

i wove the ends in really good, becos the last thing i want is for the stupid thing to unravel either in the wash or by the baby rutching around in it.

i also had to use a pair of size 3 straights to do the ribbing.  my bamboo ones were too short for the sweater body, and i didn't (couldn't?) find a pair of size 3 fixed circs (i swore i had a pair for magic loop).  aunt helen to the rescue!  i used her aluminum straights which were about an inch or so longer than mine.  the stitches were squished together, but it worked:

her needles were old.  they were worn to silver at the tips, and the red needle was a bit bent.  my wrist ached after using them (as i'm not used to knitting with aluminum straights) and they were longer than i'm used to knitting with, even as straights are concerned.  at 9 at night, they saved me from a tight spot.

now all that's left is sewing in the zipper (!!!) and homemade label.

yay me!  i completed a sweater!  a baby sweater nevertheless, but a sweater!


  1. It looks very cute :) What pattern did you use?

  2. What a great color of yarn! You should call on me - I have a couple of #3's in circulars 40" or longer for magic loop. I would gladly lend them to you at any time!


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