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Monday, February 7, 2011

fixing mistakes

on thursday i went to the movies instead of swimming.  i hadn't had a "real" mom's day out for weeks, and after the past two weeks of cabin fever, i thought a few hours at the movies would do me more good than an hour of swimming.

i saw the black swan.  it sounded good and i didn't think hubby would be interested in a "chick flick" (how wrong was i about that!).  the movie is excellent.  go see it!

i always knit when i go to the movies.  i took my ETH along becos it was the only brainless knitting i had.  i couldn't start my february socks becos there is a lace panel in them, i was almost finished with the baby sweater, and just about everything else either required a pattern or an extra ball of yarn.

ETH is knitted with mini mochi, a beautiful yarn but holy heck, is it splitty.  this was evident when i brought my sock home and found holes:

no problem, i thought.  i'll just drop stitches and fix the holes.  can't be that hard, right?

it's not hard at all.  i just knitted to where there was a hole or a "funky spot", dropped the stitch carefully, and used a tiny crochet hook to ladder up the stitch:

incidentally, i got that crochet hook from dad.  it was either his grandmother's or aunt's, probably for tatting or crocheting doilies.  it's the perfect size for fixing socks.

as usual, i have no "after" shot of the fixed product but i'll be sure i get a one when i finish the sock.  for some reason, the yarn got stretched out in one spot and the sock looks like it has a huge run in it.  it doesn't bother me tho - ETH is a celtic "punk" band, so it seems appropriate.  of course, the run will probably disappear after the first wash.  it's all good.

fixing my sock gave me good practice of fixing mistakes in my knitting.  i'm afraid of dropping stitches and making a mess worse.  in a controlled environment, fixing mistakes can be easy and even a fun challenge.  

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  1. Brave knitter! You go! Love the colors of this yarn!


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