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Sunday, February 6, 2011

tv knits - little house edition

this is one of my favorite episodes of little house.  it's a month late, but i watching it over the holidays and was curious about the knits, and lucky me, it reran this week.  to wit (and please excuse the horrible "screen shots" i took):

laura in olsen's store, wearing a crocheted hat.  hubby commented that it didn't look like a very warm hat.  it looks like a crocheted doily with to straps to fasten it under your chin.  i tried to search for it on ravelry but could only find hats, beanies, berets or hoods.  if you have any ideas what kind of hat this is, drop me a line!

while laura wears a crocheted pancake on her head, mary wore this warm crocheted hood.  bonus points for the crocheted scarf hanging in front of her.  i guess stores sold knitted/crocheted items back then too.

laura casting on...and knitting pa's green scarf.

pa's green christmas scarf (i think it was basket weave, i couldn't get a close enough shot).  bonus:  laura and carrie's crocheted vests, fastened with ribbons.  mary had one too.  ma probably crocheted them.

i didn't get a shot of mary sewing pa's shirt.  i almost took a picture of ma wearing a fine knit grey sweater vest, but i suspect it was machine knit.  i could be wrong becos i'm sure fine knitted sweaters existed back then, but it really did look machine knit and store bought, it was too perfect.

this is one of my favorite LH episodes.  beautiful knits, beautiful message (the gift of the magi).  enjoy!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by! I see you are a fan of Clover Lane! I love Sarah. It has been so long since I've seen Little House. I loved that show.

    PS. We couldn't find a flute charm, much to the chagrin of the flute section in the school band!


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