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Saturday, February 5, 2011

it steams my hoohah when i get the bernie jerboas!

i went to a matinee of "black swan".  it was a noon showing, and i had the whole theatre to myself.  or so i thought.

as the movie started, two women ambled in.  i was sitting in the back row, purse next to me in a seat, knitting in my lap.  one lady walked in like she was blind; the lady behind her said, "i think someone else is in here".

now, of all the seats in the room, where do you suppose they sat?  in the row right in front of me.

i was munching on popcorn, and one lady turned around and looked at me.  i felt like saying, "no one held a gun to your head to sit in front of me.  if my popcorn bothers you, MOVE."  she turned around, and i made a face.

i smuggled a bag of gummy cola bottles along and naturally they made a noise as i opened them (plus the bag was hard to open).  the other woman turned around and looked at me, and mentally i made the same comment to her.

then they proceeded to whisper back and forth during the movie.  that's better than my crunchy popcorn or noisy candy bag?

seriously.  a whole big freaking theatre, and they sit right by me.  so  much for having the theatre all to myself (a first, which would have been cool).

i told mom and dad about my movie experience.  mom said i should have said "BOO!" when the lady made a comment about "someone else being in here".  dad said i should have said "don't let me and my friend bother you" and put my arms around an invisible person, when they ladies turned around to look at me.

in hindsight, i really wished i said out loud (cos i know i said it in my head), "it really steams my hoohah when, in this entire theatre, you sit in front of me then give me the stink eye for eating popcorn".

or, "i hope this movie gives you the bernie jerboas".

a little HAPL humor there.  :)

naturally, the comebacks come after the fact.  oh well.

it was a good movie.  i needed the mindlessness (not that the movie was mindless.)  it was a good break.

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