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Thursday, February 10, 2011

little boy blue part 2

i finally took some proper pics of the baby sweater:

this is the front and

this is the back (complete with gaping maw where the zipper will go.  eventually.)

i took the sweater to church on sunday to show it to the lady who shared her pattern with me.  mrs. R was so tickled by it and said i did a good job.  i asked her for tips about the zipper, and she reminded me to not stretch the sweater when pinning the zipper to the sweater, and then backstitch it in.  she said some people machine sew it in, but she didn't do that becos she didn't have a strong enough needle for it.  i can't do that either becos i don't have a sewing machine.  this should be an interesting experience.

alyssa asked me what baby sweater pattern i used.  my pattern came from mrs. R (it was a photocopy of a typewriter'd pattern!)  this pattern (clicky on the PDF to view full pattern) is probably the closest to her pattern, and is actually more detailed than mine. 

i did do some moderations with my pattern.  my pattern called for putting the sleeve stitches on holders and knitting the body, but i knit the sleeves first and i knit them at the same time with separate balls of yarn.  that way i knew the sleeves would be the same length.  

i have about half of my baby knitting completed.  i still have to make a blanket, a sock monkey, and a pair of booties.  

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  1. Thanks so much for the pattern link :) I agree with your mod, I like knitting my sleeves at the same time - it saves you from having to count rows later!


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