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Thursday, February 17, 2011

glimpse - beautiful yarn for a beautiful cause

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sharon of three irish girls designed this beautiful colorwave in honor of a longtime customer who recently lost her baby boy to severe health issues.  shelley, whose beloved son charlie passed on in january, is a member of a ravelry group i frequent, HAPL.

in conjunction with HAPL's third anniversary this winter, "glimpse" goes on sale today, and the colorwave will be available until the end of february.  portions of sales of "glimpse" will be donated to share, a national charity that supports families touched by pregnancy and infant loss.

"glimpse" is described as ..."a pewter colored base with maybe some bright flecks of some or all of the following "brighter colors" - apple green, turquoise, blue, yellow, orange, even some funky purple or something?  That way it is gender neutral but also not so overwhelmingly "baby" colors either.  Sort of the idea of light after loss...darkness with a bit of color shining through...whatever that means - hope, peace, future, memories, etc"...  amy, another member of HAPL, helped sharon with choosing the colors in this colorwave.

"glimpse" is available in several yarns, and sharon will dye skeins to order.

as a woman touched by pregnancy loss, this is a wonderful tribute to our babies.  

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