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Thursday, March 3, 2011

new socks, old socks

finally finished ETH!!

plain vanilla socks, with short row heels (to maintain the colorwave cos i wanted red heels).  mini mochi in intense rainbow, on size 1.5 DPNs.  it only took me 5 months to finish this pair!

the colorwave didn't match up, so one heel is red and the other is gold.  oh well.  i like fraternals!  :)

knitting with mini mochi was not exactly heaven.  splitty, fuzzy, i'm not sure i'd pick this yarn for another pair of socks.  i have 4 more skeins in my stash (in 2 different colorwaves) so i'll probably use it for scarves or something.

look what happened after a washing:

a hole in the heel!

this is the second pair of socks i ever knit - koigu, they're almost 4 years old.  they were washed to the point of felting and were growing a bit small on me.  hubby nearly had a heart attack when he saw the hole (he was swapping out my wash) - i forgot they were in the wash.

no worries.  now i get to practice my darning skills.  if i fail, rufus gets a koigu chew toy.  


  1. I found this link after I got home from knitting the other night!

    Check it out. They have a hole about as large as yours, and they manage to patch it! :)

  2. Awesome! Will definitely check it out cos I really don't feel like knitting a foot! :)


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