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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

my favorite beauty supplies!


these are the things i use to get beautiful (!!!)...or at least cheer me up!

i love to soak my tired old ass with this concoction.  smells yummy;  in a hot tub, it feels wonderful.

i buy the cold and allergy bath soak by the ton during cold and flu season.  i converted my mom to it too.  i get the masada bath salts at whole foods - i literally load the cart with these salts becos i can't find them anywhere else.  i get the mustard bath soak at whole foods too, altho i found it at freshlife too.

i get this shampoo at CVS.  it's the only stuff that makes my hair behave.

i love epsom salt.  i dump it by the handful in my bath.  i get these huge tubs for $10 at sam's club.

i've used two mules soap for years - i like their oatmeal bar for sudsing up my legs preshave, their tea tree soap for when i break out, and i swear their anise java mint soap makes me look like i've had a face lift.  they also sell bath salts (i used to get grandma's rose) and body oil (i liked lavender).

this is what keeps me wrinkle and zit free!  i love kiehl's eye cream and i love their cream with silk groom for my hair.  i also use garnier for their eye roller (PM) and i swear my crow's feet retreated with their face cream.  i use the aveeno tinted moisturizer when i need a touch of color to my pale face.  Active Manuka Honey Cream is the only thing that helped minimize my HS carbuncles.  

i discovered this lip balm only recently.  i love burt's bee products, and this one gives a shot of color, plus it's almost entirely organic, plus the packaging is recyclable.  love it!!

i got the josie maran compact at sephora - i can't find a linky for it, but i wrote about it here.  the blue compact was a limited edition boots rainbow eyeshadow collection from 3 years ago - the only way i could get it was buying it online at target.  i love the colors and it brings out my inner punker (!!).

i think labello is now labello/nivea, but i love their strawberry lip balm.  i bought several tubes of it years ago out of fear that they would discontinue it.  i got the cargo lipstick years ago at sephora, and stocked up on it as well, becos i was afraid it would be discontinued.  apparently sephora no longer carries cargo, so i'm glad i still have 2 tubes left.  (incidentally, my lipstick is "courteney cox cece" sheer berry).  and i love my tweezerman tweezers - i got them up in montreal almost 10 years ago, and they never let me down.

i adore my stila convertible color in peony (i also have it in poppy, altho it's a bit reddish and bright for me).  and i have at least 3 sticks of the pixi lip balm in rose - good thing, becos apparently it's not available anymore.

i also use copious amounts of sunscreen - i burn and freckle, and with my history of sunburns (i grew up in the era when if you didn't have a tan, you were a loser), i am always on the lookout for funny looking freckles.  i use baby sunscreen (either coppertone or lately, aveeno baby) and sunscreen sticks/tubes for my face/ears, and i remember to slap it on whenever i'm going outside for the day.

this, in a nutshell, is what i use in my typical beauty routine.  i may not be beautiful, but at least i feel beautiful!


  1. That cold and allergy is my favorite, but i can't use the soak in my jet tub... they used to make bath salts, but haven't seen them lately... afraid they've gone away :( ... they are AWESOME with the jets... vapors galore... will miss them so much... (I feel a little pathetic right now...)

  2. Wow! Those all sound great. I use sunscreen with an SPF of 50+ and Dial soap. I really need a beauty routine.

  3. @ jess - don't they sell the salts at walmart? i swore i saw them there last time (couple months ago). it's getting harder to find the soak too - may have to figure out a DIY recipe for the vapors! :)

    i have an old fashioned tub so i can use the soak. :)


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