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Thursday, July 28, 2011

what i did, what i'm doing...

completed my KDO caps for kids offering:

knit with bits and pieces of KP wool of the andes on size 5 needles (dummy me used size 6 DPNs to complete the crown).  it's a simple hat, ribbed brim, stockinette body, pompom on top.  simple enough of a hat that i was a little bored with it.  i don't know why i was bored - the stripes should have been saucy enough for me - but i couldn't wait to finish this.  here's my rav linky if you're dying for more details...

i have obsessed with the shawl that kate middleton wore on  recent grocery jaunt:

image courtesy of

 after digging around i found a a nice twin to her shawl and started this:

at first i didn't know if i had enough in my stash for the shawl and didn't want to buy more yarn.  my second thought was that i could buy yarn for it at KDO in a couple of months.  glory be to frogging and recycling!  had the perfect yarn right under my nose - literally!

this shawl is simple garter stitch body with added ruffle.  easy enough to knit mindlessly on it but with enough spice (those would be the increases in the body).  i threw in a safety line becos i planned to knit at the movies and wanted a starting point in case i hosed up.

and i completed one wee bootie (altho by the picture, it sure doesn't look wee!):

yep.  that's my star bootie (rav linky)  pretty easy to knit (altho i had to rip a couple times when my stitch count was off - can't nod off there!) and the construction had me scratching my head for a minute, but i figured it out and stitched me a bootie.  now i have to finish the other bootie.  and figure out who the booties are for.

further details on these goodies can be found on my ravelry projects page, or just wait for the completed FOs posts...

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