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Monday, January 2, 2012

dad's gauntlets

knit up a pair of gauntlets for dad, to match his cowl.

ravel'd here...the pattern isn't on ravelry so i guess i'll have to add it at some point.  it's an easy pattern, a 5X1 rib.  i magic looped it on size 6 needles with the dreaded chisholm yarn.  it should have taken only a day or two to complete these, but it dragged on.  the only mods i made was adding two extra rows to the top of the mitt (becos i thought it was the cuff) and then a few extra rows to the cuff since my dad's hands are bigger than mine and it needed to be a little longer.

dad liked them, as he liked his cowl.

i have a ton of yarn left over (i swear it multiples).  i'm thinking hat now. :/

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