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Saturday, May 12, 2012

ask the experts

i am knitting diantha for my upcoming class reunion.  the fun thing about version 2.0 is i have a choice in beads!  i think i'd like to knit with one color (and not a bunch like my beta shawl) but i'm not sure what i want to do.

my choice of colors were a lighter pink (bottom left), a medium pink (upper left), a dark purple (upper right) and metallic pink (bottom right):

here are the beads:

then i threw in a game changer - i found a tube of silver beads!  i knitted up a swatch with my choices and narrowed it down to two - the pink or the silver.  the other beads didn't seem as showy.  

here's where i ask the experts (you!)...

which color should i use?

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  1. I like the silver more, I think it really stands out against the pink fabric.


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