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Sunday, August 12, 2012


i cleaned off my dining room chairs so we'd have enough chairs for the kiddos' birthday dinner, and i found my pile of shawls.  it was like an archaeological dig.  to wit:

i had no idear i had this many shawls!

from left to right:

basic triangle shawl in cherry tree hill thick and thin in vineyard (completed spring 2007.  it predates ravelry and i didn't have it in my completed projects list!)
multnomah (aka it takes balls to be a butterfly) (summer 2010)
citron (aka hot tomato) (summer 2011)
petunia's princess shawl (summer 2012)

from left to right:

earth and sky (summer 2012)
nefarious web (summer 2012)
diantha (winter 2012)
faraway so close (fall 2010)
clapotis (aka linus) (fall 2008)

i missed sweet william (the hot pink one on the right) in the earlier batch of pics (becos it was with my fair pile), so i took another picture of my shawls, tangled on the floor:

somewhere i saw a picture that someone took of their shawls - the shawls hung on a shaker peg rack.  someday, when we have a bigger house and i have a room of my own, i'm going to hang my shawls from pegs on the wall.  for now, i'll have to make do with a basket:

i think i need a bigger basket.  


  1. probably sweet william (the pink one) but earth and sky is probably my new favorite - it's so snuggly!


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